High School Ministries

"Face-Time" from 6-7pm Sunday evenings at church

If you're in high school, you're learning what it means to grow up! You're learning to be independent, ask tough questions, and form your own worldview. You're beginning to think about the bigger picture in which you are living. At Redeemer Community Church, we want you to feel free to continue this process even as you explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. 

Whether you've been coming to church since you were a baby or you're here for the first time, we want you to know that you have a spot here in the discussion and a safe place to ask tough questions. After Jesus was raised from the dead, he invited a once-devoted-follower-turned-skeptic named Thomas to come and see the proof that he rose from the dead. Jesus invites each of us, no matter how skeptical, to come and do the same.

Sunday mornings, we worship with the whole community; when little children are dismissed for Sunday School middle and high school students may also attend their own class. This is optional. You may choose to remain in the service to hear the sermon and pray the community prayers. 

Sunday evenings come to the church for "Face-Time" from 6-7pm; connect with your friends, make new ones, and discuss your faith in Jesus. Throughout this year we'll be incorporating service opportunites into our rhythm which will replace Face-Time for that week.

High School Winter Retreat is MLK weekend in January!

Bring your questions, bring your friends, and learn to walk together as we follow Jesus Christ.