Families with Children

Redeemer Community Church meets in the fellowship hall of the Presbyterian Church of Needham. We enter through the side door in the back nearest to the Newman School parking lot. Upon your arrival to RCC, you will be greeted in the vestibule. Please feel free to ask these folks about nursery care, comfortable nursing options (if you are nursing mother), and the flow of the service.

We want RCC to be a place where children are both seen and heard! So don't worry if your children wiggle in their seats or make a little noise. We meet in God's house and all are welcome - especially the little children!

Here are a few suggestions to help your children feel welcome:

Sit toward the front of the sanctuary where it is easier for the children to see and hear. Children, like the rest of us, tire easily from staring at the backs of other people's heads!

Quietly explain the different parts of the service so the children understand the various elements of the service.

Sing the songs, pray the prayers, and participate in the responses. Children learn how to worship by imitating you.

If you have to step out of the service, feel free to do so. But please come back! As Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me."

Let's be sure to welcome the children so that they always know that the church is for them as much as it is for the rest of us!

Upon your arrival, please hand your child(ren) a Sunday Paper children's bulletin and markers so they can draw and color during the service.

Your child(ren) will join you for the first portion of the service – a few worship songs, the readings, and a children's sermon. For the children's sermon they will be invited to move to the altar in order to participate in this interactive/child-friendly portion of the service. At the end of the children's sermon, the children will be invited to join their teachers as they move downstairs to the Sunday School classrooms. The children will re-join you for communion.

Regarding this sacrament, you have several options. Your child is welcome to receive communion, if you have discussed this with them at home and/or with one of the pastors. They can receive the bread only or either wine or grape juice. Or you may also choose simply to have your child prayed over by one of the pastors. Please feel free to make your preference known or to ask one of the leaders.

(For more information see the children's pages under Ways to Grow.)

families with children