Who We Are

We are a church committed to grace, not legalism; a community where we encourage healing in relationships; a church where we trust in God's love, forgiveness, and acceptance; and we offer that to one another. Wherever you are on your journey toward God, at Redeemer Community Church you are free to ask quesitons, to struggle, to admit fear or temptations, finding grace and hope for real living.

If you want some typical reference points, RCC is:

  • interdenominational -- having members from a wide range of church backgrounds, but as a church not affiliated with one in particular;
  • evangelical / orthodox -- in the historic sense that we hold to the centrality of Jesus Christ as our only Lord & Savior;
  • egalitarian – welcoming both women and men in leadership, using their gifts for the church;
  • liturgical -- valuing both the contemporary and casual, along with the ancient rhythms of the church;
  • Eucharistic -- celebrating Communion (the Lord's Supper) every week as a central part of worship and growth;
  • local -- trying to live in relative proximity to each other and to be the church to those where we live; and
  • missional -- seeking to incarnate the love of Christ in every area of our lives so others may come to know him.

With that introduction, we invite you to read the other sections that describe more fully our beliefs and how we try to put them into practice.

RCC Elders