Core Values & Membership

Membership in the Body of Christ is something the Holy Spirit accomplishes in us through our belief in Jesus Christ. The choice to align ourselves with a local congregation of believers, however, is a volitional act of obedience on our part. At Redeemer, we invite all newcomers to affirm the following covenant when they desire to make this congregation their church home. And then each January, the whole community is invited to reaffirm their ongoing commitment to our church covenant. We do this because the Christian faith is a dynamic journey with the community, not simply a static, club membership. None of us do these perfectly; we can commit to grow in each area because all are equally important components of our faith expression at Redeemer. Each core value invites a particular response from us individually and as a community.

Core Values

The following core values -- derived from the Bible -- shape our community and how we seek to live out the kingdom of God in our time and place.

A Biblically Rooted Community

We affirm the historic creeds of the orthodox Christian faith and hold the Bible as God's unique revelation of truth, the supreme and final authority on all matters of faith and practice.  

A God-Exalting, Christ-Centered, Holy Spirit-Led Community 

We believe in the radiant fellowship of the Trinity as revealed in the Bible. We seek to cooperate with God’s will for the whole world; we will do this as the Spirit empowers us to know the love of God, becoming the hands and feet of Christ in the world.

A Worshiping Community

Worship is at the heart of who we are. We daily offer our entire person to God as worship. We gather regularly in small groups, in homes, and in our weekly, liturgical, communion services to glorify and enjoy God.

A Transformational Community 

Knowing God is a journey that is meant to change us on fundamental character levels. It is far more than looking religious and having a right answer; it embraces “the mystery of Christ in you, the hope of glory.” We seek the fruit of that transformation as seen in “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness. gentleness, faithfulness, and self control.” 

A Missional Community

We seek to live out the entire, holistic gospel of Christ, making it relevant to our current culture. This gospel begins with personal life-change and extends outwards into our families, workplace, and all aspects of our lives through practical demonstrations of love and Spirit-empowered witness. We long to impact our local neighborhoods as well as to partner with others in reaching the whole world.

A Loving Community

Redeemer’s heart and practice is to love one another—all the various “one another’s.” We welcome questions and seek to walk with those who struggle with heartaches, addictions, secrets, and fears. We seek to be an extended family of faith for every age and stage of life—children, students, families, couples, singles, and empty-nesters—where each one is known, loved and connected to one another.

A Generous & Fully Engaged (Participating) Community

Everything we have—time, talents and treasure—comes from God, who has given us more than we need and can possibly appreciate. Giving back to the Lord opens us wide to the treasure that is found only in Him. Giving reflects God to the world. We are people with hearts that long to give generously. Believing that everyone has something unique to offer to the body, we encourage each one to use their spiritual gifts. We don’t just watch; we participate, join in, and give it a try.